Myra’s essentials

I am a minimalist in my kitchen. I think the more gadgets you have, the more difficult it is to be efficient. And good cooks run efficient kitchens. I carefully weigh each of my purchases before I buy them. If I can accomplish the task efficiently without the gadget, it’s a no go. Below, I’ve shared some of the essentials that not only make the job easier, in some cases, they help me accomplish a different result than I would have had without them.

These utensils are must haves if you use non-stick cookware. Silicone means that they hold up to high temperatures. They never melt at the edges, and always keep their soft touch on non-stick surfaces.

It might be a little surprising that my every day pans came from Sears. They are heavy, aluminum bottomed pans that heat quickly and evenly distribute the flame. But some dishes call for non-stick. Omelettes are one example. That’s when I am willing to be more spendy. I use Calphalon for non-stick. They work beautifully when I need to carmelize, or anytime non-stick makes the difference.

A few years ago, Michael bought me a pair of these pie plates. I thought they were beautiful, but had no idea how they would transform my pies. When I used glass pans, I used to hate my pie crusts. They were always doughy on the bottom, a translucent and soft. These French clay dishes distribute the heat and turn out a perfect crust every time.

My kitchen became a grownup kitchen when I got my Kitchen Aid Mixer. Remember how I said I am a minimalist? I bought mine in a pebble black finish. It is beautiful and it gets the job done. I love that I can walk away while it does all the work.


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