Myra Cherchio

I’ve grown up in a family of cooking women. I have many memories of my mom in the kitchen. She had a distinctive style, probably influenced by her own mom. When I was growing up in Ohio, we had many pot roast Sunday dinners, always with potatoes and vegetables from the garden. I can still smell the snap peas as we picked them, and remember their fresh, raw, taste straight from the garden. When I was in middle and high school, my mom worked, so it was often my job to start dinner. I was comfortable in the kitchen at a very young age, and my mom taught us to improvise. She hated running to the store for one item, even if the store was within walking distance. It just didn’t make sense. “Use what we have. There’s plenty here,” she’d say.

Today, I’ve incorporated her mindset into our family meals. When I got married, I developed my own style. Fresh vegetables, herbs from the garden, and light (or no) portions of meat. Over the years, I’ve learned healthier ways to make some of the same dishes I’ve grown up with. Sharing food with my family is sharing love.


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