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Today I made a decision: something has to change. I’ve always thought of myself as fit, active and healthy. I run. I walk. I use weights. But I have been slowly getting thicker. Not even gaining weight. Just “rearranging” as my mom would say. It doesn’t feel good.

I talked to my friend Elena this weekend. It was like a therapy session. She has transformed herself in just one year, by following a Paleo lifestyle and doing crossfit workouts like a fiend. I’ve tried to be strict before and I’ve never stuck to anything long term. Elena totally took the pressure off: “This is only a template,” she said. “Do what works for you.”

As we ended the conversation, I knew one thing: I was going to give up wheat. At least for 30 days. Then I’ll see what happens. I thought about how I would fit the Paleo template over my lifestyle, and here is what I came up with for my 30 day trial:

First, the no no’s:
1. No wheat. That is not going to be exactly easy, but I know I can do anything for one month.
2. Minimize dairy. I don’t intend to eliminate it entirely, but I certainly don’t have to eat as much as I have been.
3. No processed foods. I didn’t think I ate processed foods, but when I really stop and think about it, I’m more guilty than I expected.
4. No refined sugar.

What I will do:
1. Eat good fats – nuts, olive oil, avocados, and coconut oil.
2. Eat unlimited fruits and vegetables. (That’s the easy part.)
3. Eat lean meat and seafood. I don’t like red meat. Life would be easier if I did. But I can certainly eat more chicken and fish over salads, and far fewer sandwiches on whole wheat bread.
4. Combine with Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred. I smiled to myself as I sat on the couch and fast forwarded through level one. Easy peasy I thought. Those are totally light weights and the cardio looks like a breeze. Ha! Put 3 circuits together back to back with no break, and you’ve got yourself one high intensity workout. My butt is still burning from 30 minutes.

I am ready to do this. I can do this. Michael’s been eating like this for years now, and bikes 21 miles every day over two bridges. He smiled at me when I said I was taking this leap. Yes I can!