Today is a perfect day for Thanksgiving meal planning. One of my traditions is to record our holiday menus and shopping lists in the same notebook each year. I enjoy looking back at our meals over the years. It puts me in a special place, sort of like music.

This year’s menu is simple, heavy on vegetables, and light on starch. I’ve recreated some classics to lighten our table, and make us feel less like lethargic after the holiday feast. Here’s what we’re having:

aperitif: 2010 Vietti Moscato d’Asti Cascinetta

crab dip
spinach artichoke dip

Cupcake chardonnay
turkey with herbs
smashed cauliflower
roasted Brussels sprouts
roasted green beans
butternut squash puree
sausage stuffing
chestnut stuffing

pumpkin mousse

Taylor Fladgate port

These are all family favorites that we’ve come to look forward to. I’ll share recipes and photos as I put this meal together. Soon my kitchen will look like this:

In the true spirit of Thanksgiving, Michael is sure to say, in the voice of Clark W. Griswold, “It’s all part of the experience, honey.”