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I remember when I was a kid living in Ohio, fish for dinner was a treat. I don’t know the variety, but it was always the same kind. My mom pan fried it I think.

Now, when Michael wants to say “I love you,” he makes me a meal of talapia, broccoli drizzled with butter, and rice. It’s a treat because he knows just how I like it: pan fried in cripsy panko.

Talapia in Panko

4-6 Talapia fillets
1 C Panko
1-2 eggs
olive oil

Preheat non-stick pan. Brush pan in olive oil. Dip filets in egg. Dredge in panko crumbs. Fry until toasty.

Delicious served with lightly salted broccoli, drizzled with butter, and brown jasmine rice.